Monday, May 15, 2006

A Look Back at the Church Gardens

Here are the photos that I promised. I found them in the packet that Barb Gilbert and Katie Guetterman left with me when they both moved away within a short time late in the 1990s. The photos are not dated, but I think they may have been taken in fall 1994 before I arrived at St. Luke.

I will bet many people have forgotten that there was a tree to the right of the walk (in this picture) where it meets the drive. We used to have shade plants below that tree before we had to remove it. We tried hard to save the tree, but it died.

Even when we had very little in the garden, we had some dramatic colors, thanks to the members of the St. Luke family who dreamed up the gardens.

By the way, clicking on any of the photos on this website will get you bigger copies of the photos.

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